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Stationary Use:

Mobile Use:

TBB 002

TWU 010

TBS 002

TWU 001

TWB 002

TWS 200

TBS 200

Solar Water Purification System (YAKE SOLAR Cooperations Partners)


TBC 100

TSC 100

Aquifier 200 - a compact watermaker

The Aquifer 200 is a light weight and compact watermaker installed in a shock resistant, non-corrosive case, ready to plug in and run. All you need is salty, brackish or fresh water (from a bay, lake or river) and a 12 VDC power source from your RV battery pack or the Aquifier’s optional solar panels. The Aquifier delivers over 30 litres of fresh water per hour! Every Aquifer 200 comes complete and includes a factory-mounted High Pressure Intensifier, a 20-inch membrane in a vessel assembly and a diaphragm feed water pump. A feed water pressure gauge, product water flow meter, On/Off switch and hand held salinity monitor are all standard features.

30 litres of fresh water per hour


simple to use, ideal for mobile application


exceptionally energy efficient