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Stationary Use:

Mobile Use:

TBB 002

TWU 010

TBS 002

TWU 001

TWB 002

TWS 200

TBS 200

Solar Water Purification System (YAKE SOLAR Cooperations Partners)


TBC 100

TSC 100

Trunz Water Unit 005 - a water treatment plant for stationary use with external energy supply

The Trunz water treatment unit TWU 005 should be installed in the entry point of natural water in a building. The unit will filter and purify approx. 900 l per hour with the 3 filter stage system designed by Trunz. The automatic back flushing system minimizes system maintenance. An Ultrafiltration membrane removes all virus and bacteria without requiring toxic chemical treatment. This process retains the natural minerals in the source water. The Trunz Water Unit guarantees the finest potable water and is ideal for production plants, clinics, hospitals, schools, apartment buildings etc. The system is very compact, easy to install and to operate.

Up to 20’000 litres per day


no chemical treatment


exceptionally energy efficient