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YAKfly-50W DC/AC

LED Street & Roadway Light

Yake Solar’s Butterfly optic design lens “BFLYS” allows an increase of up to 30m in the inter-distance between poles with a 7.6m height. With this parameters accomplished the old HP sodium lamps that still exist could easily be replaced, saving a lot more energy with a much better lighting performance.


The maintenance of the YAKfly 50W AC is a lot easier when compared to a conventional street light since the driver comes with an easy to replace mechanism that needs no special tools or tooling of any kind that together with a proper labeling makes it very user and maintenance friendly.


Product Highlights


The new generation of high efficiency LED Street Lights incorporates the latest technology by using a high power light emitting diode (LED) chip, providing the best Lumens/Watt relation in the market. Also, featuring higher brightness intensity, a uniform light distribution and a better thermal management system compare to the old MultiLED technologies.


Yake Solar’s LED Street Lights, offers the perfect cost-efficiency relation, providing energy savings of more than 40% compared to old HPS Lamps.


Features :


• A 50W high power LED chip

• Durability and long life >50.000h (approx. 10 years)

• Improved lighting quality

• Energy saving up to 40%

• Maintenance free

• Pollutant free (mercury and sodium free)

• Reduce carbon emissions (CO2) by replacing energy produce by non-ecofriendly means.

• Able to replace a high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamp up to 70W.








YAKfly-50W  DC/AC


Note: Yake Solar’s LED Street Lights are optionally manufactured in AC configuration as well, providing energy savings over 60% compared to other alternatives on the market (like HPS, LPS, FL, INC and many others) while maintaining the same photometric and power consumption parameters.

Multi LED

LED Billboard

Multi COB






Rural Zones

Application: Yake Solar’s LED Street Lights are mainly used in solar energy lighting set ups and placed in rural, uptown roads, industrial areas, footways, parks, schools, parking lots, gardens or villas.



Technical Details         YSSL-50W




Simulated Lighting Projection


The photometric projection is based on a typical road found on most countries of Latin America, with an average illumination of 12 lux and a uniformity coefficient (Emin/Eavg) greater than 0,4.


Road characteristics:

7m wide asphalt-based pavement.

Luminaire mounting height: 7.6 m

Arm length of 1.5 meters with a 20º angle above horizontal.


What’s in the Box         YSSL-50W





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